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Young Family

Workshops and Webinars for Parents

Workshops and webinars aim to provide valuable insights and practical strategies to support their children's emotional well-being and behavioural development as well as improve family dynamics. These sessions typically cover a range of topics related to child psychology and behaviour, offering evidence-based techniques and guidance for effective parenting.

Parent and Child


In these webinars and workshops, parents can expect to learn about various aspects of child development, such as understanding emotions, promoting positive behaviour, managing challenging behaviours, fostering healthy communication, and building strong parent-child relationships. The content is designed to empower parents with knowledge and skills to navigate common parenting challenges and promote their children's overall well-being.


In session, we will be sharing research-based information, real-life examples, and practical tips. Parents have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussions, and gain valuable insights from both the facilitator and other participants. The goal is to equip parents with the tools and understanding they need to create a nurturing and supportive environment for their children's growth and development.

Happy Family


Image by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov

Some topics include: 

   Understanding child development   

   Promoting positive behaviour

   Managing challenging behaviours

   Effective communication

   Building resilience

   Emotional intelligence

   Parent-child relationships

   Parenting styles   

   Self-care for parents

   Special considerations

       Special needs

       Managing screen time 

       Promoting healthy sleep habits



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